Warter C. E. Primary School

Addlekeld, Warter, York, YO42 1XR, Tel: 01759 302061, Email: office@warterschool.eriding.net

School Council

Our school councillors for 2018/2019 have been elected. This is a democratic process with each child voting for their class councillors.They help to improve our school by meeting half termly to come up with ideas and events that we can do to make our school even better.

Ideas so far.......................

Give our school shop a new name!

The school council are running a competition where children in school can submit an entry to name and design the school shop name. When all the entries have been received the school council will put these forward to the chair of governors who will decide the name and design of the school shop! WATCH THIS SPACE!

What to sell in the school shop?

The School council have discussed ideas of what to sell in the school shop with children in their year group. These ideas will then be sent to Mrs Harris and Mrs Brooks who can stock up on these items!