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Sports Day 2017

We enjoyed a really fantastic Sports Day at Warter Primary School on Monday 19th June. The weather stayed dry and the sun even shone which made a nice change. Once again the day was organised extremely impressively by Miss Cunningham and special thanks goes to Mr David who was our announcer. We are also very grateful to all school staff for playing their part in ensuring that everything ran so smoothly. A big thank you to the Friends of Warter for providing refreshments to our parents, which was very much appreciated. Our Heads of House, Mrs Howard for Ardenfleets, Miss Cunningham for Cobdale, Mrs Fergusson for Minningdale and Mr David for Skygates did a splendid job and helped to create a wonderful sense of House loyalty and pride. The day was marked by some remarkable individual performances of excellence but also by many students who, whilst not natural athletes, did their bit for their House. All in all, it was a marvellous day.

The final scores...............

1st place: Skygates 173 points

2nd place: Cobdale 154 points

3rd place: Ardenfleets 137 points

4th place: Minningdale 109 points