Warter C. E. Primary School

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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding in Education

Strategic Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

September 2018

Our Mission Statement

The aim of our school is to enable every child to grow intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically in a caring Christian community. We seek to help children achieve their full potential by encouraging a love of learning and the development of self-esteem and confidence. As a Church school we aim to develop Christian values and foster a respect for other people and their beliefs, as positive participants in the world community.

For the purpose of this policy:


  • ‘staff’ refers to all paid adults, volunteers or students on placement, working in any capacity in the school or in activities organised by the school, which brings them into contact with pupils of the school. 
  • DSL Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • DDSL Deputy DSL
  • DSG   Designated Safeguarding Governor
  • LADO Local Authority Designated Officer
  • ERSCB   East Riding Safeguarding Children Board
  • CST Locality Children Safeguarding Teams
  • EHaSH Early Help & Safeguarding Hub
  • DBS Disclosure & Barring Service
  • KCSiE Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 Statutory Guidance
  • EWO/S Education Welfare Officer/Service
  • YFS Youth & Family Support
  • PET Prevention & Education Team
  • GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
    • Child Protection - Refers to the multi agency arrangements to identify and protect children who are, or may be, at risk of Significant Harm 
  • Safeguarding - Refers to the protection, safety and promotion of the welfare of all pupils including when in offsite provision or activities and using IT. This includes the building of resilience and awareness of risk through the formal and informal curriculum. 

See Ofsted definition and scope of Safeguarding (Appendix M) 

  • Child - Any pupil under the age of 18 is legally a child.
  • Pupils 18 or over - If there is a concern about the welfare of a pupil aged 18+ DSL’s are advised to seek advice in the same way as for children e.g. EHaSH may sign post to Adult Services or refer to YFS. See also sec 22 in respect of staff pupil relationships. 


Child Protection – Designated Advice and Contact List


  1. Introduction
  2. Related legislation & guidance
  3. Other related Safeguarding school policies
  4. The policy
  5. School commitment
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Roles & responsibilities & Early Help
  8. Records & monitoring

8.1        Transfer of/ retaining records

  1. Concerns

9.1        Recognising concerns

9.2        Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse & Neglect

9.3        Child Sexual Exploitation

9.4        Child Criminal Exploitation – County Lines

9.5        Female Genital Mutilation & forced marriage

9.6        Possible violent Extremist Radicalisation

9.7        Children Missing Education

9.8        Private Fostering& Direct Payments

  1. Responding to concerns
  2. Further action- seeking advice

11.1        Escalating concerns about individual cases

11.2     Informing parents/carers

  • CP Referrals
  • Feedback

12         Vulnerable children & children with SEN or disabilities

13       Peer on Peer abuse, sexual violence and harassment

13.1     Behaviour Policy

14       Joint working with other agencies & Early Help

15        Case Conferences & Core Group meetings

16        Information sharing

17        Children’s concerns

18        Vetting, Recruitment & selection of staff

19        Induction

20        Staff Safeguarding Training & Awareness

21        DSL Training

22        Reasonable Form

23        Online safety and acceptable use policies.

24        Safe and appropriate working

25        Allegations against staff & Whistle blowing

26        Extended Schools + Off Site provision

27        Volunteers

28        Visitors, Supply, Agency Staff and Contractors

29        Site Security – Health & Safety and Emergency Procedures.

30        Parents & Carers

31        Policy review 




A                 Responding to concerns

B                 Record of Concern Form

C                 Body Map

D a              CP Cover sheet and Summary

D b              Chronology Sheet

E                 Advice to Children – example

F                 Advice & information to parents

G                 Making a referral

H                 Record keeping

I                  Information for school visitors

J                 Confirmation of Referral form

K                 Role of the DSL

L                  Response to Radicalisation / Extremist concerns

M                Ofsted safeguarding definition

N                Advice if there are concerns about the capacity of parent / carer collecting children


Warter C.E.Primary School Child Protection & Safeguarding

Advice and contact list September 2018

(For notice board display. This list should be made available to all staff)


Role / Agency

Name & role

Contact details

*School Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Child Protection Coordinator

Alison Metcalfe

Warter C.E.Primary School


East Riding of Yorkshire

YO42 1XR

01759 302061



*Deputy DSL/Child Protection Coordinator

Jane Cunningham


Anthony David

Warter C.E.Primary School


East Riding of Yorkshire

YO42 1XR

01759 302061




Child Protection/ Safeguarding Governor

Debbie Potter

07841 836821

Chair of Governors

Debbie Potter

07841 836821

Looked After Children Designated Teacher

Sophie Howard

Warter C.E.Primary School


East Riding of Yorkshire

YO42 1XR

01759 302061



E Safety Coordinator

Anthony David

Warter C.E.Primary School


East Riding of Yorkshire

YO42 1XR

01759 302061



Early Help & Safeguarding Hub


CP initial referral

Support & Advice:

Urgent C P concerns

Early intervention

Signposting to appropriate services

The Early Help Assessment (CAF) process

Mon to Thu 8:30am – 5:00pm Fri   8:30am – 4:30pm




EHaSH Out of Hours (Formerly EDT)

Out of Hours & weekend CP referrals & advice

01377- 241273



Local ER Children

Safeguarding Team

Wolds Team

Pam Allen (Head of Service)



Local ER Children

Safeguarding Team Manager

Jenny Smith

Wolds Team




ER School Safeguarding Adviser & Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) (Schools)

Tony Marsh

Referral of allegations against staff & volunteers


General strategic and operational School Safeguarding & CP advice



Room AF 56, County Hall



Lorraine Wilson referral of allegations against staff & volunteers.



Room AF 56, County Hall, Beverley.

School critical incident, bomb threats Etc & Educational Visits Emergencies (not Child Protection)  

24 hour Guidance & support

01482- 392999

Humberside Police


ER Protecting Vulnerable People Unit

01482 220809 / 220808

(County Hall, part of EHASH)

Humberside Police


General strategic and operational Safeguarding & CP advice

01482-396999 erscb.enquires@eastriding.gov.uk


ER Safeguarding Children Board





ER Safeguarding Children Board

Children’s Social Care

01482-448879 EDT 01482-788080


North Yorks

North Lincs

North East Lincs


0845- 034941   EDT 01482 300 304





Please click on the link below to read the CP and Safeguarding Policy in full.

CP & Safe Policy September 2108.pdf