Warter C. E. Primary School

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Absences and Holidays



Class registers are taken by 8.50am. If a child arrives after 8.50am when the gates are closed he/she must be signed in at reception and a late mark will be recorded. If a child arrives after 9.20am when the registers are closed, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence unless there is a valid reason of which we have been previously notified either by telephone message, email or letter.

We monitor persistent lateness and a letter will be sent to parents if this becomes excessive.


Day 1 of absence - Inform the school before 9.30am of the reason and expected return date of your child. Any medical advice given or visits made.

Day 3 of absence - Update the school on your child's progress, any medical advice given and confirmation of when your child will return to school especially if condition worsens.

Day 5 onwards - Update the school on your child's progress regularly. Medical evidence may be requested for five days absence or more. If you are unable to provide medical evidence an unauthorised mark maybe given.

A child who has frequent absence due to illness may be offered a Support Plan or referred to the Educational Welfare Service (01482) 392146.

Any other planned absence, e.g. family funeral, music examination, day of religious observance, medical appointment etc, must be notified in advance, these will be classed as an authorised absence.

Medical / Illness

If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please telephone school to inform us as soon as possible. If your child becomes unwell during the day, we will contact you directly. It is important that you inform us of any changes to contact telephone numbers or changes to circumstances. If your child needs to take prescribed medicine, you will need to come into the office to fill in a form to allow our staff to administer this on your behalf. Children should not be given medication to adminster themselves.

Head lice

If your child has head lice, they need to be treated immediately. Please see below guidance from "NHS choices".

Head lice treatment guidance

Please let the office or class teacher know if you have treated your child for head lice so that we are able to let other parents know. This will help us to reduce the risk of head lice spreading further amongst other pupils in the school.

Sickness & Diarrhoea

If your child has a sickness / diarrhoea bug then they must not return back to school until 48 hours have lapsed.

Please click on the link for guidance from East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Pupil Absence - Guidance for Parents.pdf


We understand that there maybe circumstances where children may on occasion need to be taken out of school in term time. Please contact the office for a request for leave form as soon as you are able to.

At Warter Primary School we are committed to working with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to help minimise the number of school days missed due to term time holidays. Please click on the link below for guidance.

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances.pdf

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances - Information for Parents.pdf

Absence Request Form.doc

Further guidance can be found on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website. Please click on the link below.