Warter C. E. Primary School

Addlekeld, Warter, York, YO42 1XR, Tel: 01759 302061, Email: office@warterschool.eriding.net


Food Hygiene Rating

Warter School has been awarded Food Hygiene Rating 5 (very good) in March 2018.

The Cost of a School Lunch and Free School Meals

Parents can choose to pay for a school lunch (currently £2.55 per day) or provide a packed lunch for their child. Children in reception and key stage one are automatically entitled to a universal infant free school meal.

If you are in receipt of universal credit you maybe entitled to free school meals. Please click on the link below to see if you could be eligible:

Free School Meals

Even if your child is in reception or key stage one you should still apply if you think you may be eligible. The school will receive pupil premium funding and children will receive free school meals when they move up to year 3.


Lunch is served at 12.00pm until 12.45pm. At 12.45pm the year 5 Play Leaders assist staff to make lunchtime play even more enjoyable for everyone! Play Leaders' role is mainly to look after fellow pupils, to make everyone feel included and to make play time a FUN TIME. Lunchtime play finishes at 1.10pm.
We follow East Riding of Yorkshire Council guidelines therefore parents can feel confident their children are receiving a healthy, balanced, nutritious meal every day. We source all of our ingredients from local suppliers.
Each lunch table has a mix of different age groups allowing the older children to take responsibility and serve the younger children on their table. We believe this further develops each child's sense of independence.
We also do themed menus to coincide with the topics children are learning in class.

Please click on the image below to view our current menu

Food Intolerances and Allergies

Please contact the school office if you have any queries or concerns about your child's food intolerances or allergies.


Funky Fridays

Funky Friday School Lunches are for children who usually have a packed lunch. If your child would like a school lunch on a Friday, instead of their usual packed lunch, please let the office know by Friday morning at 9:30am. For children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 the lunch is free. For Year 3 to Year 6, the charge is £2.55.

The Golden Table

The Golden Table is a reward based on the School Values of Friendship, Respect and Hope. Each table in the hall is awarded points throughout the week for good behaviour and table manners. The table with the most points gets to sit on The Golden Table the following week. The Golden Table receives napkins, flowers and special cups!

Parent Lunch

Parents are invited to come into school to join their child for lunch once per year. Each class takes it in turns to invite their parents to school for lunch so parents can see the quality of food children receive and good manners the children have whilst in the dinning hall. Click on the link below to read the feedback from our parent lunch on 24th October when parents of Red Kites class came to school.

Red Kites parent lunch.pdf

Tuck Shop

Fruit is on sale at morning break for 25p per portion. Children are welcome to purchase fruit from the tuck shop or bring in their own fruit from home. Children in the Foundation Unit and Key Stage One receive free fruit at morning break.

Food Technology

Each class at Warter C. E. Primary School receives a full afternoon each week with Mrs Sparkes the Catering Manager. These afternoons will take place for a full half term each school year. We work with the new curriculum teaching basic skills on cooking and healthy eating. Each class will be taught healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks through to a full evening meal.