Warter C. E. Primary School

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Sunscreen Policy

The first line of defence from the sun is to cover up. Hats and sunglasses (named) may be brought to school. Children can also wear a thin, white, cotton long-sleeved top under a summer dress or boys could wear long sleeved polo shirts and trousers, rather than shorts. However, we recognise that on hot days, children may be more comfortable in short sleeves, summer dresses and shorts.

The school’s policy with sunscreen at school is to ask parents to use a long lasting sun-screen in the mornings (Boots and many other pharmacies have an 8 hour children’s sunscreen)

In the interests of supporting those parents, carers and children who feel that further sunscreen protection is needed, a supply of sunscreen can be sent to school for your child if you wish to do so. The sunscreen must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and sunscreen cannot be shared with other children. You will be asked to give written permission by completing a form available by clicking on the image to the right or collection from the school office.

The sunscreen will be kept out of reach in classrooms and will be available on sunny days as the children leave the classroom to go out after lunch. The children will have a short time to apply their sunscreen, before it is returned to the safe place. It is assumed that sunscreen will be applied at home to cover the morning session. If necessary, the children would also be able to apply sunscreen as they go out to play in the afternoon.

The application of sunscreen can only be done by your child, so if you do wish them to do this, you must make sure they know what to do, where to put it and how much to use. Staff will not be able to supervise individual children. Only ‘rub on’ sunscreen cream is acceptable, since the spray versions and lotions are not suitable for use by children in school.