Warter C. E. Primary School

"He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.ā€¯Psalm 40:2. At Warter C.E. Primary School we are working together to provide a solid foundation to learn, grow and achieve through our Christian values of hope, perseverance, friendship and respect.

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Warter Worshippers

The Warter Worshippers are individuals who enable the school to live out its values and help to reflect the Christian character of our school. The Warter Worshippers role is to promote the school’s four Christian values of Respect, Perseverance, Friendship and Hope (positivity). They do this by modelling the values for other pupils to see, promoting the values in school and choosing children who have displayed these values to be celebrated in our weekly celebration worship.

The Warter Worshippers aim to develop our school values by: 

  • Integrating them in the classroom and daily practise.
  • Integrating these school values into the delivery of the curriculum.
  • Develop the distinctiveness of the school through its values.
  • To strengthen SMSC links to values and show clear links in the classroom.

The Warter Worshippers hold a special role within our school community. At the beginning of each New Year any child from Year 4 may apply for the position of Warter Worshippers. They must show their commitment to the role by filling in a form detailing the value they think they can best champion around our school and why they would be suitable for this role.

Once the Warter Worshippers have been selected they will begin their many important roles throughout the school while engaging in regular meetings. A daily task held by the Warter Worshippers is to look out for the values of Respect, Perseverance, Friendship and Hope (positivity) throughout the school and on the play ground. From this the Warter Worshippers have a good evidence to select one child for each value from across the school to feature in our Golden Book, with a certificate being presented during Achievement Worship each Friday.

During their weekly meetings they discuss how their values are being displayed by others around the school and highlight potential areas for improvement. Ideas can be discussed as to how we can better display this value around school. One way in which this is achieved is through the planning and delivering of their own worships to the whole school. These happen each term giving the children an opportunity to work together to discuss and model our three main school values with their peers.

Each Warter Worshipper has a special badge notifying others of their role which they wear around the school with pride. They are wonderful ambassadors for each of our three main school values and thoroughly enjoy the responsibility of their role.

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