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"He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.ā€¯Psalm 40:2. At Warter C.E. Primary School we are working together to provide a solid foundation to learn, grow and achieve through our Christian values of hope, perseverance, friendship and respect.

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Computing and E-Safety 


‘Everybody should learn to programme a computer because it teaches you how to think.’

Steve Jobs

Our Vision

Digital technology is driving extraordinary global changes on a level and speed not seen since the industrial revolution.  Navigating these changes effectively and safely requires a significant understanding of digital literacy, information technology and computer science. This knowledge is also crucial if business, industry and individuals are to exploit the opportunities offered by this revolution.


Our curriculum has the National Centre for Computing Education curriculum at its core.  As we value STEAM lessons that are iterative, joyful, socially interactive, actively engaging, and meaningful, at Warter, our lessons are further enhanced with LEGO® Education materials



Working with computers means that accuracy is of the upmost importance.  For this reason being methodical allows us to follow algorithms and program computers to solve problems.




Advancement in computers has been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement for decades.  Thinking creatively to solve problems in a methodical way is the driving force behind these advances in computing.  Creativity in problem solving is an incredibly valuable skill to have in the world of computing and it is a skill we look for our pupils to demonstrate within computing lessons.



The speed at which computing technology has advanced and the ever changing dynamics of the internet mean that consumers of technology need to consider their use and ensure they use that technology and their understanding of it responsibly.




Please click below to view our Computing Statement 

Warter Computing Statement.pdf

Computing Long Term Plan 2023-24

Online Safety Curriculum 2023-24 

Online Safety links

For further information about keeping children safe online, please also look at our main  Safeguarding page. 

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Owls Class – Lego Spike Kits


Just before the Christmas break, Owls class trialled Lego Spike Kits which were kindly loaned from Wonder Learning Partnership. The Owls thoroughly enjoyed building a moving vehicle together, racing the vehicles, doing the coding and figuring out what the buttons do. The children said they really enjoyed the challenge of some smaller pieces and that it was similar to Technics and connected to our iPads! Thank you to WLP and Mrs Laud for organising, it was a brilliant afternoon!