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School Uniform Policy

Our Mission Statement

The aim of our school is to enable every child to grow intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically in a caring Christian community. We seek to help children achieve their full potential by encouraging a love of learning and the development of self-esteem and confidence. As a church school we aim to develop Christian values and foster a respect for other people and their beliefs, as positive participants in the world community.

We believe this policy should be a working document that is fit for purpose, represents the school ethos, enables consistency and quality across the school and is related to the following legislation: 

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Education Reform Act 1988
  • Education Act 1996
  • School Standards and Framework Act 1998
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Learning and Skills Act 2000
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Education Act 2011 

The following documentation is also related to this policy: 

  • Equality Act 2010: Advice for Schools (DfE)
  • School Uniform in Multiracial Schools (NFER)
  • School Uniform Guidance (DfE) 

We have decided, after consultation with parents/carers, pupils and school personnel, to have a school uniform for pupils as we feel it plays an important part in supporting positive behaviour and discipline; developing the ethos of the school; supporting teaching and learning; promoting a sense of pride in the school; promoting a sense of community and belonging towards the school; promoting equality and supporting health and safety; 

We acknowledge that we have an obligation under the Human Rights Act 1998 to protect and to accommodate the rights of individuals to display their religious or cultural dress. Any request based on social or cultural grounds for pupils to wear other items of clothing, other than or in addition to the specified school uniform, will be considered. 

We are aware that a greater number of pupils are questioning their gender identity than in the past. Therefore, we are introducing a gender neutral uniform which will cater for those pupils who do not match clothing to gender as well as those who do. 

We believe we have a moral duty to keep costs low for parents as we realise they do not have an endless pot of cash for new school clothing. Therefore, we will ensure that our school uniform is affordable, provides best value and that it will be sustainably sourced. 

We will consult with parents/carers, pupils, school personnel, community groups, local religious leaders in order to gauge their views regarding any changes to the present school uniform. Parents and pupils will be informed well in advance of any changes to this policy coming into effect. 

  • We believe that any pupil that breaches this policy will be disciplined. However, we 'do not believe exclusion to be an appropriate response to breaches of this policy, except where they are persistent and defiant. Where a pupil repeatedly refuses to comply with school uniform policy even if they do not otherwise display poor behaviour, we believe that exclusion could be an appropriate response, depending on the circumstances of the case.'

We wish to work closely with the School Council and to hear their views and opinions as we acknowledge and support Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that children should be encouraged to form and to express their views. 

We as a school community have a commitment to promote equality. Therefore, an equality impact assessment has been undertaken and we believe this policy is in line with the Equality Act 2010. 

We believe it is essential that this policy clearly identifies and outlines the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in the procedures and arrangements that is connected with this policy. 


  • To ensure pupils wear school uniform in order to support positive behaviour and discipline, to develop the school ethos and to support effective teaching and learning.
  • To ensure compliance with all relevant legislation connected to this policy.
  • To work with other schools and the local authority to share good practice in order to improve this policy. 

Responsibility for the Policy and Procedure

Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body has: 

  • delegated to the Headteacher the responsibility of implementing and maintaining this policy;
  • delegated powers and responsibilities to the Headteacher to ensure all school personnel and visitors to the school are aware of and comply with this policy;
  • responsibility for ensuring that the school complies with all equalities legislation;
  • an Equalities governor to ensure that appropriate action will be taken to deal with all prejudice related incidents or incidents which are a breach of this policy;
  • responsibility for ensuring funding is in place to support this policy;
  • responsibility for ensuring this policy and all policies are maintained and updated regularly;
  • responsibility for ensuring all policies are made available to parents;
  • the responsibility of involving the School Council in: 
  • determining this policy with the Governing Body;
  • discussing improvements to this policy during the school year;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of this policy with the Governing Body 
  • responsibility for the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this policy. 

Role of the Headteacher

The Headteacher will: 

  • delegate responsibility on its endorsement to the Senior Leadership Team;
  • ensure all school personnel, pupils and parents are aware of and comply with this policy;
  • ask all staff to report any pupil who does not comply with this policy;
  • write to parents of pupils abusing this policy asking for their support before any further sanctions are imposed
  • impose sanctions for non compliance with school uniform;
  • process any complaints received in the appropriate way as stated in the school’s complaints policy;
  • report to the Governing Body the number of pupils who abuse this policy;
  • make effective use of relevant research and information to improve this policy;
  • work closely with the governors;
  • provide leadership and vision in respect of equality;
  • provide guidance, support and training to all staff;
  • monitor the effectiveness of this policy by speaking with pupils, school personnel, parents and governors;
  • regularly report to the Governing Body on the success and development of this policy. 

Role of School Personnel

School personnel will: 

  • comply with all aspects of this policy;
  • lead by example dressing appropriately in businesslike clothes;
  • be of a neat and tidy appearance;
    • report any pupil who does not comply with this policy;
  • implement the school’s equalities policy and schemes;
  • report and deal with all incidents of discrimination;
  • attend appropriate training sessions on equality;
    • report any concerns they have on any aspect of the school community 

Role of Pupils

Pupils will: 

  • be aware of and comply with this policy by wearing correct uniform;
  • be polite and well behaved at all times;
  • show consideration to others;
  • obey all health and safety regulations in all areas of the school;
  • co-sign and abide by the Home School Agreement;
  • liaise with the school council about any improvements to this policy;
  • take part in questionnaires and surveys 

Role of Parents/Carers

Parents/carers will: 

  • be aware of and comply with this policy by ensuring their children wear school uniform at all times;
  • be contacted if their child is not wearing the correct uniform;
  • ensure that their child's uniform is clean and good repair;
  • support the school Code of Conduct and guidance necessary to ensure smooth running of the school;
  • be asked to take part periodic surveys conducted by the school. 

School Uniform

  • Please state what the school uniform is for all school activities. 

In school



Winter uniform

Grey shorts or school type trousers

Grey school skirt, grey pinafore dress.

*White polo shirt for year 1 to year 6 children.

*Warter Babies pale blue polo shirt with Warter Babies logo for nursery 1, nursery 2 and reception children

*Royal blue sweatshirt with the school logo

Plain Grey /black/ white knee or ankle socks

Plain Grey /black tights

Socks must not be worn over tights.

*Royal blue school jacket with logo (optional)

*Royal blue school fleece with logo (optional)


Summer uniform

Blue gingham dresses

Blue gingham shorts/skorts

Blue gingham shirts

Foot Wear

Plain black shoes with a low heel and black sole.

Dark coloured smart trainers

Indoor shoes – a change of shoes - black plimsols/slippers with no logos and mainly one colour/


No jewelry is allowed except for a watch.

If ears have been pierced plain stud ear rings (one per ear) may be worn but must be removed for PE or covered with a piece of tape.

No other body piercing is allowed

No nail varnish/false nails are allowed.

No make up is allowed.


Pupil’s hair styles must be reasonable – we do not allow more extreme styles eg – bright or multi – coloured hair, Mohican hair cuts, zig zag, star or patterns shaved into hair. Head scarves are not to be worn except for religious reasons.

Hair bands/braids/ribbons/scrunchies can only be worn if small/thin and a similar colour to natural hair colour,subdued colours or royal blue.


School uniform marked with an * are available from the school shop.

Second hand uniform is available from the school shop.

All school uniform should be clearly named.





PE Clothing

Indoor PE

*Royal blue shadow stripe shorts

*White round necked tee shirt with the school logo


Outdoor PE

*Royal blue/navy jogging trousers

*Royal blue hooded sweatshirt with the school logo or navy hooded sweatshirt

*White round necked tee shirt with the school logo



One piece swimming costume – girls

Swimming trunks – boys

One large towel

Waterproof bag

PE Foot Wear

Indoor PE

Children will have bare feet


Outdoor PE



All PE clothes must be kept in a royal blue drawstring bag or rucksack on your peg/locker.


All PE clothes marked with an * are available from the school shop.

All PE clothes should be clearly named. 


First we will discuss with the pupil and the parent the reason for incorrect uniform in order to establish a way forward. We will then take appropriate action if any pupil does not adhere to this policy. 

Under no circumstance will any pupil be sent home for non-compliance with this policy without first informing the parent. 


We have in place clear procedures to deal with any complaint made against the school or individuals connected with it. We take any complaint seriously and we deal with them professionally following set procedures. 

Raising Awareness of this Policy

We will raise awareness of this policy via: 

  • the school website
  • the Staff Handbook
  • meetings with parents such as introductory, transition, parent-teacher consultations and periodic curriculum workshops
  • school events
  • meetings with school personnel
  • communications with home such as the monthly newsletters
  • reports such as annual report to parents and Headteacher reports to the Governing Body
  • information displays in the main school entrance 


All school personnel: 

  • have equal chances of training, career development and promotion
  • receive training on this policy on induction
  • receive periodic training so that they are kept up to date with new information
  • receive equal opportunities training on induction in order to improve their understanding of the Equality Act 2010 and its implications 

Equality Impact Assessment

Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a duty not to discriminate against people on the basis of their age, disability, gender, gender identity, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation. 

This policy has been equality impact assessed and we believe that it is in line with the Equality Act 2010 as it is fair, it does not prioritise or disadvantage any pupil and it helps to promote equality at this school. 

Monitoring the Implementation and Effectiveness of the Policy

The practical application of this policy will be reviewed annually or when the need arises by the Headteacher , SLT and the governors. 

A statement of the policy's effectiveness and the necessary recommendations for improvement will be presented to the Governing Body for further discussion and endorsement. 


Alison Metcalfe


Summer term 2018

Chair of Governing Body:

Debbie Potter


Summer term 2018

School Uniform2018.pdf