Warter C. E. Primary School

"He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.ā€¯Psalm 40:2. At Warter C.E. Primary School we are working together to provide a solid foundation to learn, grow and achieve through our Christian values of hope, perseverance, friendship and respect.

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At primary school, children are most open and receptive to language acquisition. At Warter, we nurture confident, curious learners by harnessing children's innate curiosity for learning a language, its new words and new sounds.

The core language taught at Warter is French, which provides the foundation for learning further languages at Secondary School.

Learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) supports an understanding of living in a multicultural society, provides an opening to other cultures and fosters curiosity about the wider world. It has also been shown to improve critical thinking skills and to enhance social skills.