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Parent Survey

Results of parent survey February 2020

Total responses: 47% (55)

Please click on the image below to see the results of our parent survey.

Results of parent survey February 2019

Total responses: 26% (44)

Please click on the image below to see the results of our parent survey.

Some of the lovely comments received in our 2020 survey!

"The running track is a great idea and both my girls love that".

"Our children are well cared for in every aspect and are thriving both socially and academically. They have fabulous support from staff at school and I can highly recommend their pastoral care too".

"Delighted with all aspects we have experience of. Thank you".

"We are delighted with the staff at Warter School. They know our children well and their needs and aspirations. Our family can approach them and feel that we are listened to".

"The staff have been fantastic at managing my child's allergies in school whilst allowing inclusion. The preventative measures put in place are greatly appreciated".

"I think the reading and Lexia homework is fantastic. Our child is extremely happy at school".

"Both boys are flourishing and developing "holistically" within the school setting - we are incredibly grateful. Thank you!"

These are some of the areas the parents would like the school to consider:

Question number

Area to consider further.


We believe the school is doing their best to encourage a healthy lifestyle but we think the school meals are too high in refined carbs and sugary foods. 

The school meals follow the government guidelines : The School Food Standards . The menus are planned using this document by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and these menus are followed by our school catering manager and the catering team.


Homework – I think it would be beneficial to have some numeracy based homework as well as the generic tasks. (Reception) 

The homework for reception has been adapted to provide opportunities for mathematically based activities alongside reading, phonics and theme based activities. All children in reception also have access to Mathletics on line learning.


The question with regard to bullying reflects the high percentage of children and subsequently parents, more than half the replies, who have no experience to record.

I would like to see single year group classes? 

At the moment due to the number of children in each year group and subsequently the school population we are unable to offer single age classes. Each child attracts funding and the government suggests class sizes of no more than 30 children in key stage 1(reception, year 1 and year 2). In key stage 2 there are no class size limitations. The governors therefore try to ensure the class sizes are at an appropriate level throughout the school. The governors regularly review this and are determined to ensure the best provision for all children.

The notification for trips/visits is still a bit short notice. 

The teaching staff and the office will review this provision and try to allow more notice before a visit takes place.

I feel that the school and parents would hugely benefit from a before/after school club. It is an expectation that most schools now provide wraparound care and it is very unusual that Warter don’t provide this service.

At the moment we use the childminder in the village to provide our wraparound care however we have added this as an agenda item to the governors meeting to discuss further.

Additional feedback will be available in the governors minutes.