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"He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.ā€¯Psalm 40:2. At Warter C.E. Primary School we are working together to provide a solid foundation to learn, grow and achieve through our Christian values of hope, perseverance, friendship and respect.

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The mathematics provision at Warter has seen significant changes since the beginning of the school year. All children (from Nursery to Year 6) are now taught using a ‘mastery approach’ which aims to provide children with a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematics. Our curriculum has been designed using a sequential, small steps approach that ensures both coherence and consistency within and across all year groups. From Year 1 to Year 6, our curriculum map is informed by the  ‘National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics’ (NCETM) curriculum map, which forms the basis for our lessons. This resource follows a research-based approach to the teaching of maths and provides guidance on the delivery of each concept, including stem sentences, models and visual tools, as well as key vocabulary.

Our curriculum develops children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills, with procedural fluency and conceptual understanding being developed in tandem. Lessons are broken down into small, connected steps that gradually unfold the concept, providing access for all children and leading to a generalisation of the concept and the ability to apply the concept in a range of contexts. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning that can be sustained.

Children working at a greater depth are challenged in a number of ways: through identifying and articulating patterns and relationships, in response to teacher questioning, through challenge in problem solving and by deepening mathematical reasoning. Support is provided to enable all children to move through the curriculum together.

To reduce cognitive load, provision is in place to promote children’s rapid recall of number facts. In KS1, we have recently introduced Number Sense Maths, which is a systematic and structured programme that is designed to enable children to develop both a deep understanding of number and number relationships, and fluency in addition and subtraction facts. Retrieval practice is promoted through the use of Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics and in KS2 the additional use of daily arithmetic and 5-a-day maths challenges; interventions are responsive and address the individual needs of the children.

Warter Babies staff are embedding the revised Early Years Principles (September 2021) into practice through a curriculum of rich opportunities that develop children’s mathematical skills and build a secure base of knowledge and vocabulary. Number and numerical patterns are developed through interactive, play-based learning, enhanced by Numbots, Numicon and Number blocks lesson videos and resources. Children in the Early Years are introduced to the models that are used throughout the school, such as ten frames and part-whole models, to provide a secure foundation for future learning

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